Welcome to our blog: a combination of written comments and reflections, and “urban curiosities” – soundscapes and visual fragments of life in the cities I have visited, whether for professional or personal reasons.

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Urban cycleways in Latin America

We have been working for the past few months with a group of citizens, businesses and community activists from Mexico and Colombia who are focused on developing and promoting cycling and cycling infrastructure in their respective cities.

Re-designing the new post-coronavirus world

Another consequence of the pandemic – and the increasing realisation that coronavirus is here to stay with us for the foreseeable future – is how it is affecting the way we will need to use spaces in our cities: not just offices, streets, public buildings, but our homes too...

Ciudad de Mexico’s running man pedestrian crossings

Mexico's famous "running man" pedestrian crossings are accompanied in Ciudad de Mexico by a distinctive soundtrack

Hualien’s beautiful refuse trucks

In the beautiful Taiwanese city of Hualien, even the refuse trucks make beautiful sounds

Taipei’s friendly Metro system greeting

Are Taipei city's Metro system barriers the happiest, most friendly greeting in the world?

Engaging with citizens in the post-pandemic world

Urbanists and city planners will have to remodel existing practices to consult with citizens on new urban plans