Re-designing the new post-coronavirus world

Another consequence of the pandemic – and the increasing realisation that coronavirus is here to stay with us for the foreseeable future – is how it is affecting the way we will need to use spaces in our cities: not just offices, streets, public buildings, but our homes too…

360° Cityshapers founder, Kerri Farnsworth, at the global “Reset!” conference, Sat 5 Sept

360° Cityshapers founding director, Kerri Farnsworth, will be moderating the ‘Liveable Cities’ panel the global “Reset!” conference on Saturday 5 September at 14:15. The panel will feature Marleen Stikker, founder and leader of Waag Society, Kata Tüttő, Deputy Mayor of Budapest and European Committee of the Regions and Emilia Smeds, sustainable transport researcher and ESR […]