360º Cityshapers director to give keynote talk to Slovenia’s annual architecture & urban planning congress

Kerri Farnsworth, 360º Cityshapers founding director, will be giving the keynote address at Sedlarjevo, the annual congress of Slovenia’s national architecture & urban planning congress, in Ljubljana on 17 September 2021.

The Congress is the 32nd annual gathering of Slovenia’s architecture & spatial planning association, DUPPS (‘Društvo Urbanistov in Prostorskih Planerjev Slovenije’). The theme of the Congress is “urban planning through the prism of the pandemic – challenges and proposals”.

Kerri’s keynote address will be themed ” After the Covid-19 Pandemic: preparing for the ‘new normal’ ” and based on a longer & more detailed written paper. Her presentation at Sedlarjevo will look at the practical steps urbanists can take to help adjust to our evolving post-Covid world, including how & where we live, work, relax, play, how we move around our urban areas, and how we as urbanists communicate & engage with citizens.

A new approach to urbanism: a dynamic urban ecosystem whereby urbanists listen to citizens to develop 'spatial medicine' treatment, and then oversee 'spatially-prescriptions' to citizens.

Kerri will call for urbanists to adopt a new approach to urbanism, founded on the concept of ‘spatial medicine‘ and ‘spatial prescribing‘, and a new way of developing the new generation of urbanists.

Kerri’s presentation and full paper will be published in a special edition of the scientific journal “Urbani izziv“, as well as the conference proceedings after the event.

Full details of the event can be found on the DUPPS website at http://www.dupps.si/.