360º Cityshapers attend European Metropolitan Association (EMA) annual congress in Porto

360º Cityshapers attended the annual congress of the European Metropolitan Association (EMA) in Porto, Portugal from 11-12 November, as an expert enabling advisor to metropolitan areas, and also as a representative of the International Urban Development Association (INTA).

Over 100 delegates from cities, metropolitan bodies and governments (including several Ministers) from all over Europe met, along with representatives from the European Commission, to discuss the central theme, “HOW TO BOOST CLIMATE NEUTRAL METROPOLITAN AREAS: Green, smart and resilient “.

A political declaration, calling for metropolitan areas to play a greater role in the implementation of National Recovery and Resilience Plans & Programmes, and the development and delivery of future Cohesion Policy programmes, was signed by all attendees. The declaration also calls upon the European Commission, members states of the European Union and the United Nations to guarantee shelter and reception to all democratic initiatives in Afghanistan.